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3 Reasons Your Gutters Are Leaking

The problems caused by leaking gutters are more than just an annoying dripping noise after it has rained. Leaking gutters can cause a number of problems to your property if they are not fixed. Problems with dampness, mold, leaking ceilings, and garden erosion are just a few issues leaky gutters can cause.

Unfortunately, leaks can appear in many types of gutters. Even a professional commercial gutter installation can show signs of weather damage after some years. And as every homeowner knows, if gutters are seriously damaged, gutter installation and repair are all part of regular home maintenance.

One way to prevent leaking gutters is to install durable, weatherproof gutters and downspouts. Aluminum gutter companies usually offer cost-effective solutions that require little maintenance and reduce your risk of gutter leaks.

Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why gutters can start to leak and how to prevent them.

Cracks in gutters due to corrosion or weather damage

One of the most common reasons for gutters leaking is cracks appearing in the joints or seams. For example, some types of steel gutter are prone to rust and corrosion. Also, severe weather can damage cheap gutter systems and may require a new gutter installation.

If you have steel gutters, it’s important to treat any signs of corrosion as soon as possible. If cheap vinyl gutters have broken or are cracked, speak with your local aluminum gutter service company about cost-effective replacements. They can advise on durable aluminum gutter systems that are not expensive.

Incorrect water flow causing gutter leaks

A common problem with some gutters is a buildup of debris due to water not flowing properly. This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, rainwater that pools or gathers in certain areas can cause seems to break or corrode.

Also, a buildup of debris and water adds extra weight to the gutter system. In time, this can damage the gutter fittings causing them to sag and water to start dripping out. This can even be a reason why gutters can break off the property’s fascia.

Calling a company that specializes in residential or commercial gutter installations can thoroughly check how water is flowing out.

Blocked gutters can cause leaks

Even the most expensive types of gutters will get blocked with debris and can start dripping. One of the best ways to prevent this is to install gutter guards to prevent leaves, branches, and even dead animals blocking your gutters. Also, get them cleaned in inspected yearly to prevent costly repairs to your gutters or home.

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