The Uses Of Collagen And Liver Oil Supplements
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The Uses Of Collagen And Liver Oil Supplements

Collagen can be described as a fibrous protein that the body produces. It's the most abundant of the proteins present in the human body! Collagen is present in plenty in muscles, bones, skin, cartilage, digestive system,joints, hair, organs, tendons, nails, teeth, and more.

However, the body produces less collagen after a person reaches the mid-20s, and then things begin sagging, and wrinkles appear.

Excessive sun, pollution, bad diet, genetics, and more factors can also affect collagen levels. It is good to know is that collagen supplements boost levels for people to have the health benefits of having sufficient collagen.

Collagen supplement keeps the skin healthy

Collagen maintains hydrated and taut skin. With the depletion of collagen stores, the skin begins becoming saggy, dry, wrinkly, and dull. A Collagen supplement restores collagen and even boosts collagen production. The skin gets healthier again. An example is the bovine sourced organika collagen from freshwater cod.

Collagen supplement supports the Joints

Collagen makes tendons, ligaments, and cartilage strong and healthy.Cartilage is a small spongy tissue sitting among the bones in the joints and playing the role of a shock absorber. It maintains the right distance among the bones such that they move smoothly.

With the depletion of collagen, the cartilage turns dry and fragile. Bones move less smoothly, and the shock absorption is not sufficient, and people have discomfort and pain. There is also the possibility of joint disorders that includes osteoarthritis.

Genuine health collagen is pasture-raised collagen that offers hydrolyzed collagen of 10g per serving. The supplement keeps the joints cushioned and operative optimally. The supplementis free of dairy,gluten, GMO's and artificial colors and flavors.

The use of Liver oil supplement

Vitamin A and D has several bodily functions. They support eye health, the mucous membranes and the skin, bones, and teeth, and more. Halibut liver oil is partially sourced from refined and clean fish liver oil and offers natural source Vitamin A and D of 10 000 IU and 400 IU, respectively.

The supplement is free of heavy metal residues and helps inbody growth and skeletal health. It is available at a discounted rate on

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