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Why Multi Vitamin Supplements Are Important

Birch trees naturally have betulinic acid and betulin. Inonotus obliquus is a black fungus growing parasitically on these trees. The use of this black fungus in Eastern European medicine dates back to the 16th century.

Natural health aficionados have probably heard of New New Age. This line of medicinal healing herb products is available at the natural health stores. These health products have organic ingredients that are grown in the Otter River Valley. The products are of premium quality.Some of these products have Inonotus obliquus. Did you know that there is another name for Inonotus obliquus? It is chaga mushroom. A product of this line that has Chaga is Mushroom Milk.

Chaga is present in Mushroom Milk

Mushroom Milk is the name given to a powder. It is a mix of dehydrated coconut milk and six mushroom extract powders that include Chaga. The other mushroom extract powders in this mix are lions mane, maitake, reishi dual extract, turkey tail, and cordyceps. With this powder, you can make a creamy and wholesome beverage that offersimmune support.

People can have Mushroom Milk in several ways. They can make a revitalizing Mushroom Milk sports drink of vegan electrolytes by mixing Mushroom Milk powder in cold water. This drink is good to have in between exercises and anytime you want a boost of energy

Chaga – Health benefits and supplemental forms

This mushroom supports the body’s overall health in several ways.

Like any fungi, this mushroom offers an assortment of anti-fungal and anti-viral and compounds to the body. They help keep infections and diseases at bay.

This mushroom is rich in antioxidants and thus defends the body from free radicals that may cause cancer and different problems.

Chaga has quite a few vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that includeselenium, zinc, potassium, some Vitamin Bs, and Vitamin K. They help in the natural body functions without grave side effects.

Then Chaga has polysaccharide, and they are beneficial sugars. They promote immunity.

Chaga is found as a powdered extract, liquid, capsule, and tea in natural health stores. One such online store is You will get Chaga supplements of several renowned brands here. They are the best Chaga health products that you will get. For More Information:

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