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How To Select The Right Type Of Sports Tape

When playing any sports game outside or indoor, the reality of becoming injured can happen in a split second. Whether overextending or just landing awkwardly, strained tendons and muscles as well as sprained ankles or soft tissue injuries are some of the most common damage sustained to an athlete’s body.

Luckily, most of these injuries, suffering and muscle pains are avoidable by supporting the body with high-quality sports tape.

The majority of strapping tapes are now available at the online wholesale retail stores that consist of a highly absorbent cotton substrate with an adhesive backing.

When athletes play sport, the athlete’s joints, in particular, the shoulders, ankles, knees, and wrists are usually the most unsafe. By applying Elastoplasts strapping tape with specific techniques, it provides support for muscles and tendons from unnecessary strain and injury.

Sports tape is not only used to protect against new injuries on the body, but it is also great for protecting existing injuries against additional damage and allow the athlete to recover and compete sooner. High-quality rigid strapping tape protects the skin from abrasion and chafing and is also perfect for holding form padding, splints and shin guard in place.

Select the right type of strapping tape-

The sports tape business today is highly competitive with many types and grades of tape available online or in-store. But the most common ones are-

• Elastic Adhesive Tape

• Rigid Tape

• Cotton Tear Stretch Tape

Cotton sports tape has good elasticity while being tear-able by hand. It is commonly used a compression bandage to help control swelling and stop bleeding or as a pressure bandage to help circulation & healing.

Many Australian footballers use Rigid strapping tape for ankle and shoulder support, while Adhesive bandages is applied for fingers and hands support, and can also be used in combination for great effect on injuries.

Just as selecting the right tape quality, it is important to apply the strapping tape with the correct method and technique.

Getting this part right can ensure comfort during sports, without cutting off circulation to the area and avoid unwanted blisters or skin abrasion.

What to look at when buying sports tape?

Sports tape is a critical element to an athlete’s ability to perform the highest possible level and to prevent the injured part during sustained periods of the game.

It is important to be aware that there are sports tapes products out in the market that simply do not measure up. Unfortunately for the customers, pricing is not a major factor when it comes to buying high-quality sports tape.

Experts’ advice is to ignore price outright, test products for yourself by taking samples from different suppliers or wholesalers and test for the key elements, which are-

• Breathe-ability

• Support

• Sports tape Adhesion

• Ease of use

• Skin-friendly

In conclusion, select the right quality of sports tape can make or break an athlete. There are some sports strapping products available which are non-porous and should be avoided at all cost. It is important for an athlete to choose a tape that provides good breathe-ability that remains water, sweat resistant, has sufficient adhesion and lastly is good value for money. For More Information:

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