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Postcard Marketing V/S Brochures |

About Marketing

Marketing is one of the powerful tools of Business. It refers to those activities which are basically conducted to convert lead into customer via advertising by different ways and in order to keep them satisfy to earn long term profits. Now a day every business requires marketing for accomplishment of the prime goal to earn maximum profit and effectively promote a brand name. People are adopting different tactics and strategies of marketing for being noticed by more and more audience in this competitive world. The competition itself introduced various tools of marketing like online marketing, outbound marketing, article marketing and niche marketing etc which are the paths of success. Today I want to put your kind attention towards the two different types of marketing which is Postcard and Brochure Marketing.   

About Postcard Marketing

Postcard is the written form of marketing by which we grab attention of more audience by using powerful content and catchy lines. Postcards are used in marketing as an alternative to other print advertising such as catalogs, letters, and flyers. Advertising postcards may be mailed or distributed in different ways as it serves as a great reminder among most of the promotional and sales events. We can target specific audience rather than to waste huge amount of money and by this we can also reduce mass mailings are actually sometimes unnecessary.

Pro’s Of Postcard Marketing

  1. Postcards dish up as the most effective reminders in sales and promotions.
  2. Postcards help spread the world and increases awareness.
  3. Postcard marketing spots the specific audience.
  4. You can ensure greater attendance at your event by sending date postcards.
  5. Postcard marketing reduces the get stocked risk factor.

Con’s Of Postcard Marketing

  1. You have limited space to write your content.
  2. There will always be a risk factor of junking those cards.
  3. Several postcard mailings required before you will see an impact.
  4. It requires regularly creating and updating a mailing list.
  5. They are less informative hence increase the requirement of sending sale letters.

About Brochure Marketing

Brochures are the informative document with vivid description. It is the most impactful marketing tool of a business which helps to attract a customer and enhance product sales and branding. They signify the recognition of a company or a brand. They guaranteed to accomplish goals. They can be also printed in a high quality glossy paper and be sent or distributed among a bulk audience. They can be more attractive and effective depend on designing.

Pro’s Of Brochure Marketing

  1. Brochures can be referred as potential customers.
  2. Brochures offer creating recognition of your business.
  3. They are always eye catching and more attractive.
  4. Brochures save time over writing for those who request more information.
  5. Brochures reduce the need of sending sale letter to potential customers.

Con’s Of Brochure Marketing

  1. Brochures are highly upscale and can’t be much affordable.
  2. Brochures can end up soon as they can’t send in bulk.
  3. Brochures demand more time in printing and designing.
  4. They include more text and can vacate potential customers.
  5. Brochures are also informative and according to trend can’t be stocked so much.


Postcard marketing is much cheaper than broacher marketing hence be sending in bulk. Postcard marketing is much more effective than brochure marketing. We expect almost equal potential customers from both ways. Postcard marketing increases eye catching texts and precise description which explain the audience about the product or services in a very unambiguous manner. Postcards are easier, cheaper and faster to produce. Post card marketing is less informative than brochure marketing. Postcard marketing reduces the risk factor of being stocked after a sort of time. Postcard require less time than brochures i.e. in printing and designing. Postcards marketing target the specific audience. We conclude postcard marketing as more efficient.

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