Nichrome Launches Snack Pack Sprint 250 Continuous
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Nichrome Launches Snack Pack Sprint 250 Continuous

Snack packaging in India is in for a treat as Nichrome, India’s leading packaging solutions provider, launches the Snack Pack Sprint 250 Continuous.

In fact, India’s first indigenous counter bagger ‘Snackpack’ was innovated by Nichrome years ago. In keeping with its tradition of continuous innovation and upgradation, Nichrome now presents Snack Pack Sprint 250 Continuous. Being unveiled at PackPlus South in Bangalore on 7th April 2017, this new automatic snack packaging machine is designed to cater to the growing and diverse needs of the snacks industry.

Whether it is chips packaging or namkeen packaging or packaging of extruded snacks like kurkure, dry fruits or macaroni, or 3D snacks, breakfast cereals, seeds or wrapped candies — Sprint 250 Continuous ensures the fragility, flavor and freshness of every product is protected. The gas-filled pouches provide protection for brittle products such as potato chips right through the toughest stages of the distribution chain, including shipments and other handling options.

An exciting new feature of Sprint 250 Continuous is the fact that its data is stored on Cloud, so it can be accessed anywhere via the internet.

Sprint 250 Continuous is a modern automatic packaging machine with multihead weigher filler that delivers a rated system output of up to 110 packs per minute. 4-axis servo motion controls critical operations while special poker attachment facilitates potato chip packaging.

This high speed snack packaging machine supports 3 pouch formats: CSPP, Gusset pouch with D-cut and Gusset pouch. It is an ideal snack & namkeen packing machine designed for quick and easy tool-less changeover of size parts resulting in minimum product falling height. Its perforation system makes it possible to produce a chain of pouches, and its unique stripping action before cross sealing avoids product entrapping in seal.

Apart from offering versatility and efficiency, Nichrome’s Snackpack Spint 250 Continuous has also been designed to ease operational and maintenance challenges.

In the current scenario of product innovations and easy availability which fuels demand, the packaged snack market continues to offer exciting growth prospects for manufacturers. Indian consumers are increasingly inclined to well-packaged snacks which are associated with greater credibility, longer shelf life and better product quality. More snack companies are selling their products across the whole of India, and are even exporting them to countries abroad.

The new Snack Pack Sprint 250 Continuous comes designed to help snack companies achieve efficiency and flexibility in their packaging to make the most of the growing prospects of the packaged snack market.

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