SEO Mistake That Totally Effects Our Website Traffic.
Published: 2017-04-21   Views: 613
Author: nipasharma
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SEO is one of main perspective is like a magic that you can improve your website because as we see some people will talk about it is a positive light. As someone given this word as true “Work on your SEO your traffic will improve.” Because all will think tell the end of positive changes. Some changes has bigger effects than others but overall they all the work will improve.

SEO certainly improve your traffic we should continue work on that if you make one false move along the way you can see your traffic cut it half or lost entirely. As some of the mistake given below.

  • Broken or Redirect traffic: - When you resign a website you have change the domain as you have to keep your old SEO. With the specific end goal to do that you have direct movement from your old pages to your new ones. This is will put in trouble especially when you change your site structure to such extent that the new pages don’t coordinate the old pages. In this event that you don’t divert by any stretch of the imagination you lose all the collected SEO you would have to be. Even you are perfect redirect you only transfer 70% or so to your SEO value.

As script redirects meanwhile face the stigma of past use in black hat techniques which would filter a user through numerous redirects to a site they didn’t intend to visit.

  • Telling search engine to ignore you: - Most of the SEO mistakes you see most often tend to be mistake of omission not doing something you should be doing.  Specifically the “No index” attributes added to links pages or robots.txt files what this directive does is tell the search engine that the pages should not be indexed or displayed in search result if you want indirect a page dedicated to debug information for your server you don’t want that indexed so you should have to put “no index “for your website when testing and redesigning is going own.
  • Ignore Internal links: - Every time you load a page in your browser you see text across on the top of bar. If you have to put anything in the html meta title field you’re going to have a default title generated when browser visit your pages on other hand if you specify the tag but don’t put in any information that title will be going to blank this totally both bad ideas for website. So there are some important point to be taken into consideration
  • Every page on your site should have unique title and description. Duplicate titles look like duplicate content that will create problems.
  • The title should be have limited characters in length if more than that character will truncate by Google and Facebook.
  • Use some Long tail keywords.
  • If you have brand they include that name in your website sure that will appended to the end.

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