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The Absolute Best In Digital Piano Sound: Ravenscroft 275 VI And Kawai VPC1

Since the advent of the digital age, companies have been promising the best in analog sound with the ease of digital use. Many have failed to accomplish anything close to this grandiose claim. Perhaps nothing is more challenging than the digital replication of grand piano. The weight of the keys, release and noise, the contact of hammer with string, the ambiance of sound reverberating off wood, the structural design of the harp. Then there’s the pedals - Una corda, damper, noise and release. And what about the sound microphone placement and compression?

There are so many components to master digitally, but then you must figure out the physical components of a controller. And not just any keyboard control will do. It needs to feel like a piano, to interact with the player in a certain way that allows for a sense of connection and familiarity. Essentially - it must be perfect.

Dynamic Duo

It’s called the Ravenscroft 275vi, and it does more than just address the issues of digital piano replication – it solves them, creating a fully realized grand piano experience digitally. Never has a computer-based system been able to replicate full grand piano soundjust like a full grand piano. Add to the Ravescroft 275vi system the Kawai VPC1 keyboard and you have the dynamic duo. Ravenscroft modified the already-great keyboard to specifically interact with the Ravenscroft 275vi software. The work on the Kawai VPC1 is so good that Kawai maintains the full manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition to being designed to digitally interact with the Ravenscroft 275 vi software seamlessly, the Ravenworks modified Kawai VPC1 keyboard is designed to physically model a Ravenscroft 275 Concert Grand Piano. Regularly pianists of all forms will sit down at the console and be awestruck at the experience of playing a digital keyboard that feels like a real concert grand.

Perfect for Any Setting

There are multiple ways of adjusting how the piano sounds when recorded or amplified. The software allows for the same manipulation. A user can select mic placements, and tonal interaction. The Ravenscroft 275  vi’s Una Corda settings provide a very realistic soft pedal effect that can be very specifically dialed in to meet the needs of any piece of music. Additionally, a half-pedaling settinggives the user fluid control of the damper pedal for a more realistic and accurate playing experience. All of this makes the Ravenscroft software what it is: An incredible work of usable are for piano players of all styles. Whether playing live with a band, in a concert hall, or being used in a production recording studio setting… it is perfection.

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