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Must-visit Tourist Attractions In Bolivia

Stretched from high-altitude deserts and majestic icebound peaks, Bolivia has stunning range of landscapes. With its superlative natural beauty and slightly nerve-racking, it is South America’s most perplexing and diverse nation. It is also highest and remote country on the earth, and much of Bolivia is unexplored and untouched. This nation is so new that unique species are being discovered till date. With more indigenous peoples, it offers mix of multi-ethnic cultural experiences and extreme adventures. Offering up unique cultures, fun-filled festivals, bustling markets and vibrant cities, Bolivia is country like no other. Rather, there’s a question which sights and experiences cannot be missed. Here we have scoped out must-visit tourist attractions for you:

Lake Titicaca
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Lapping shores of Copacabana, Lake Titicaca is not only largest lake in South America but also most beautiful. It is highest navigable lake in the world with 3,232 square miles of water. Surrounded by traditional villages and ancient ruins, it enables travelers to witness Bolivia’s most breathtaking scenery. You can take boat tours on lake to Isla del Sol for private picnic which is cathartic experience.


Counted as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000, Tiwanaku is archaeological site in western Bolivia. It is Pre-Columbian site which is one of the most important civilizations prior to Inca Empire. It remains an enigma and is highest and oldest urban cities. Located 44 miles west of La Paz, visiting this city is fascinating experience and see mind boggling architecture by ancient civilizations.

Salar de Uyuni

Located in the middle of desert,  Uyuni is flattest places in the world. Around 4,000 square-mile salt flats are formed by prehistoric lake. It provides most stunning backdrops and backpackers travelling in 4x4 vehicles will notice that its landscapes change quickly.  One hour, you will be surrounded by flamingos on high altitude lagoon and next hour you may be standing on island covered in cacti.


Known as “City of Four Names”, Sucre is also known as La Plata, Charcas and Chuquisaca. Founded by Spanish colonials in 1500s, it has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage site. Also, it is most beautiful and fifth largest city. With loads of fascinating sights, cool places and free events, Sucre is an amazing place to live and visit.

Reserva Eduardo Avaroa

Located in Southwest Circuit region of Bolivia, Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve was created to protect endangered llareta and vicuna plant. It is also home to planet’s unusual landscapes. Rainbow colored minerals lakes of Los Lipez and white salt flats are too harsh for human life but support rare and endangered species including flamingo.

Yungas Road

Known as “World’s most Dangerous Road”, Yungas Road runs from La Paz to Amazon rainforest region. At La Paz, the road climbs 15,000 feet and descends around 4,000 feet to town of Coroico. Apart from being dangerous for vehicles, it has become favorite travel attraction for mountain bikers who loves 40-mile long stretch of downhill.

Madidi National Park

Stretches from Andes to Amazon, Madidi National Park is known as biologically diverse parks in the world. Encompassed over 7,000 square miles, it has jaguar, species of monkey and otter which are found nowhere else in the world. So, make your Avianca airlines tickets and reservations now to this wonderful nation.


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