Set Sail Directly From The UK
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Set Sail Directly From The UK

When it comes to taking a holiday, a cruise is always a great idea. Taking a no-fly cruise directly from the UK can be very affordable, convenient and more importantly, stress-free. There are many cruises that depart from ports in the UK every day. These ships travel to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

A no-fly cruise from the UK is ideal for those who do not enjoy flying, or more importantly wish to save money instead of paying for a plane ticket to another city. There are many major cruise lines that call at Southampton such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruise, and Princess Cruise.

Plus, let’s face it, a cruise has so much to offer. There are numerous activities for everyone on board. You won’t spend any time waiting in an airport to travel to each city. Instead, you will be able to relax, and enjoy a stress-free day while heading to the next beautiful city.

You can choose the ship you want to take based on the ports you want to visit and the number of nights you wish to spend on holiday. In addition to saving money by leaving directly from the UK, you can also get the best deal on your trip by visiting

Cruise Nation offers exclusive deals for major cruise lines like Celebrity Cruise leaving from Southampton. You can search for a cruise based on the major cities you want to visit. For example, there are Mediterranean beach cruises, Norwegian Fjords or the British Isles. When cruising, there are so many options to choose from.

Cruise Nation’s Deal Nerd gives you the best deals on the market every day. These deals are packed with value and you will find that you will get the most of your holiday within your budget. In addition to getting the best prices for your cruise, you can also get the most affordable excursions at each port. Their customer service team is available to help you with every aspect of your trip.

If you are planning acruise, it’s not too late. Let Cruise Nation help you find the most affordable cruise for you and your family. Set sail next month directly from Southampton and enjoy your cruise packed with activities, excursions and entertainment. Each cruise offers something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about Cruise Nation or to start booking your tour, visit their website at or call 0800 408 0757 to speak with their customer service team.

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