Milk Pouch Packing - Taking The Dairy Business Places
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Milk Pouch Packing - Taking The Dairy Business Places

In Canada, India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Poland, Israel, Russia and some other countries, pouches are the preferred packing method for milk. Milk pouches are less expensive to make than a carton or jug and consumes roughly 75% less raw materials to produce.

There are a few more points in favour of milk pouches. Milk bags are 100% recyclable; milk cartons coated in wax are not. Pouches require less storage space, they are easier to transport, and they are portioned for maximum shelf life. In India, they come in 500 ml and 1000 ml quantities - just the amount an average household might go through in a short period of time. This allows the milk to last longer as you are not exposing larger quantities to oxygen once the bag is opened.

In India, Nichrome has the honour of being a pioneer in milk packaging. In the 1970s, when the Government began promotion of the Co-operative Dairy Movement, it appealed for Indian industrialists to develop pouch packaging machinery indigenously. Nichrome was the first milk pouch packing machine manufacturer to develop a Form Fill Seal type packaging machine indigenously and independently. Since then it has been the leader in the packaging industry of India.

The first Filpack machine was commissioned at Kurla Dairy, Mumbai where the commercial distribution of milk pouches was started on 7th March 1977.

Today, Nichrome offers a wide range of dairy packaging machines for packaging milk and dairy products. The Filpack continues to blaze trails in milk pouch packaging. The Filpack Servo 12K is the fastest milk packaging machine delivering a phenomenal 12000 pouches per hour. Other models include Filpack Servo 10K (10000 per hour) and 6K (6000 per hour), used for ghee, lassi and fresh cream packaging, among others.

The Filpack CMD and Filpack CMS are two more accurate, hi-speed machines for the dairy industry that offer a variety of pouch formats and output speeds. Applications include plain milk, flavoured milk, buttermilk, curd, bread spread, even juice and water besides viscous products like vanaspati and edible oils.

Offering over ten dairy products packaging machines to choose from, Nichrome ensures every one of its automatic milk filling machine is carefully calibrated, planned and designed for outstanding performance. The interface is upgraded with touch screen HMI panel and PLC that controls the machine. The machines have a small footprint, occupying less floor space; and extended SS legs for easy cleaning under the machines. Nichrome’s packaging solutions are hi-speed and automated with simple maintenance and user-friendly construction.

Nichrome offers six different types of pouches in various sizes, such as the Center Seal Pillow Pouch (CSPP) for 1000ml and 500ml, CSPP Kite with tear notch, 4 side seal, 4 side seal with v-notch and standee pouch with cap.

No wonder, leading dairy players like Amul, Dwarka, Mahanand and Chitale prefer to partner with Nichrome to keep India’s ‘white revolution’ churning. More info visit:- 

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