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The Best Destinations For Coffee Lovers

This drink was commonly called “Joe’s cup” by Americans until the 18th century. It was also known as “java” or a cup of strong drink. Yes, we’re talking about coffee, that tasty, fragrant, warming and invigorating beverage, which has acquired a huge number of admirers worldwide. If you are one of them, then it might be interesting to compare the taste of coffee in unfamiliar cities or countries. Here is a list of five places where it might be interesting for you to try some local coffee while on vacation.

All these destinations possess a high culture of coffee, which local people consider a source of health, great mood, cheerfulness and inspiration.

São Paulo, Brazil

The world leader in the cultivation and sale of coffee remains Brazil. This strong and bitter drink preserves its best and tastiest qualities when prepared locally in Brazil. The country is proud to have 40% of all the world’s coffee production. Moreover, in this country the drink has always been popular, compared with some other countries where the coffee trend appeared only a few years ago. Some people consider Brazilian coffee too simple, but most people love it.

Istanbul, Turkey

Don’t expect Istanbul to offer you a typical American- or Canadian-style coffee. Turkish coffee is saturated, very dark and fragrant thanks to a unique method of coffee grinding. Turkish baristas grind coffee beans very finely and cook them in special ware called a cezve. The result? One cup of such coffee will get you going you even if you haven’t slept in several days. Usually coffee houses are located on the top floors of historical buildings so that it is possible not only to taste all the charms of the drink, but also to enjoy the magnificence of the panorama outside.

Vienna, Austria

The culture of coffee consumption is a source of pride in the capital of Austria. There is even a UNESCO list of coffeehouses in Vienna, which are considered “non-material heritage”, with their unusual design and creative concepts. In such cozy places you will surely have a good time, and they’re great places to pass away the evening hours during a trip to Vienna. Here you can taste both strong espresso and mélange coffee prepared with milk. If you are looking for an original Vienna coffee house, then you can visit “Cafe Neko” which was opened in 2012. It is well-known for the fact that many cats live inside. It makes for a very cozy, lovely and pleasant atmosphere. A visitor can order coffee and play with their lovely cats who reduce stress and depression.

Nairobi, Kenya

It is no secret that the best African coffee is made in Kenya, though it might be very different from what you are used to. It has an aroma of blackcurrant and an optimum level of bitterness. Aromas of berries and fruits are the best characteristic of Kenyan grades of coffee. Unfortunately, many local don’t often drink the better varieties of Kenyan coffee, as it can be expensive and more important to sell abroad.

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