Powder Packaging That Means Business
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Powder Packaging That Means Business

Edible powders are vulnerable to the elements. The taste, aroma and colour can be affected by rise in temperature, changing humidity, oxygen, heating, pests, microorganisms and birds. Powders get soggy due to ambient moisture that penetrates the packaging. Besides, insects and rodents can also cause a great deal of damage.

It is therefore crucial to pack powders in flexible packs that protect taste, aroma, colour and their free flowing nature. With evolving consumer preferences, growing income levels and customers getting choosy about the quality of products they buy, it has become imperative - and beneficial - for traders and manufacturers to pack their powder products in flexible, safe packaging that is easy to carry and looks good on retail shelves. Powder packaging industry is therefore gaining prominence and packaging machines are finding new markets every day.

Nichrome has witnessed and has been associated with the development of the packaging industry for 4 decades. Nichrome is one of the India’s leading packaging machine manufacturers. Supplying hi-tech packaging solutions to Indian food processors since 1977, Nichrome has a large base of satisfied customers in India. With their pioneering Form-Fill-Seal machines for powder packaging, Nichrome is the preferred powder packaging machine provider to many top brands of spices in India.

Nichrome provides packaging solutions for many different powders. From spices to chemicals, their line of fillers, checkweighers, and VFFS machines can package virtually any application that requires laminate film structures and polyethylene films. 

Nichrome’s EXCEL PLUS is a spice packaging machine that works with versatility as a tea packing machinecoffee packing machine and atta packing machine.

A variety of powder filling methods are integrated with the Nichrome line to package products such as spices and seasonings, atta, flour based products, coffee powder, tea, premixes, instant mixes, etc. The VFFS machine also packs granules, pulses, beans, sugar, etc. besides pharma & agricultural powders and detergents.

All the contact components of the machine are made of stainless steel which makes the parts corrosion-resistant, facilitates cleaning and enhances durability.

The EXCEL PLUS series comes with a plus advantage of automation equipped with CE marked PLC Controller and touch screen HMI. Print mark scanners, static charge eliminator, both are equipped to give adjustable strokes of cross sealing jaws for optimum performance. Checkweigher validates accuracy and proper functionality of the line.

It has been especially designed as per stringent quality standards, and offers many pouch formats such as Pentaseal, CSPP, 4-line Seal, Gusset Pouch and Pentaseal with D-cut. The bagger speed is up to 80 bags per min. depending on the quantity and density of the product.

Nichrome’s powder packaging machines can pack any powder into flexible pouches without disturbing their taste, look, texture and flavor; making them resilient and easy to carry. Nichrome’s automatic filling machines and packaging machines are multitasking; that means they can also seal the pouches, the moment they are filled. Just a single automatic packaging machine lets you execute the entire set of tasks which would otherwise prove tedious and time consuming.

This advanced automation technology in powder filling machines and packaging machines has dramatically reduced wastage and the need for expensive manpower, thereby saving costs for food manufacturers while improving plant efficiency and product quality. Visit www.nichrome.com for your packaging needs.

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