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Features To Look For In A Travel Organizer Bag

The image of a perfect travel organizer bag varies from one individual to the next, and less, from a trip to another. Before creating a list of features for choosing your bag, you need to list your travelling requirements and needs. This list will help in providing a short-cut to getting the right luggage without making many purchases while on the move. Below are some features you need to put into practice before choosing the right bag for your situation.


When travelling, many airlines allow up to a maximum of ten kilogram’s of weight. When metal or plastic handles are added to your bag, there can be an increase in weight significantly. You need to aim for a bag that weighs less than two kilogram’s when empty. You need to choose this bag without compromising on durability and quality. This will ensure that the weight encountered while on transit comes from the packed material and not the bag itself.

Internal space

Bags with a similar external dimension do not have the same interior space. The features of the design influence the internal capacity. A bag with a box-like shape with ninety-degree corners and straight sides produce great available parking spaces. When you introduce curves in the design, the volume will decrease. In some of these bags, wheel wells and handles can take up a significant amount of internal space, and the external space between the wheels is not available for packaging.


The outside of your travel organizer bag needs to be abrasion, water, and tear resistant. If your bag is soft sided, it needs to be ballistic nylon, Dyneema, or Cordura rip-stop nylon that has a high denier rating. In a bag that is hard-sided, it needs to be made from the durable polycarbonate. In the case of rolling bags, you need those with crash protection bumpers in case they come into contact with curbs, steps, or walls.

Easy-to-access compartments

A top-loading bag is challenging to keep organised, and it becomes tricky to access bottom placed items. These bags are not a good choice for travellers. You need to choose a travel toiletry bag that has a front opening or side opening access for accessing its compartments. You need a bag that has an open front compartment from three sides to reveal its deep compartment. Having smaller easy-to-access compartments from the outside will allow you to stow and retrieve your items quickly without entering the main compartment.

Compression straps

The internal tie-down straps need to be durable so that they adjust to different cinch positions to keep the content intact and free from movement. They need to be large enough for not leaving ruts in the clothes. The primary role of these straps is to reduce stress on zippers, provide maximum compression, and keep contents from moving.

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