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Why Should You Use The Eyelash Extension Than False Eyelashes?

Women used mascara and other fashion kits to draw their eyes. In the Victorian age, Mascara was applied to designing the eyes. But as days passed different items for drawings the eyes and the eyebrows were produced in the market. These products markets in a considerable amount. But that only for a period of time! With every passing year developments in the cosmetic products were presented for marketing. One of the products that are doing a great business in the market til date is the false eyelashes for the women.

But of now there is a change in the demand of the false eyelashes. Makeup artists found that the fake eyelashes that are used to design the eyelash do not suit many women. Not only that many people also use the false eyelashes which also creates problem to their eyes. Korea which is making a significant stride in the fashion industry is in the making of something new that will not disturb the eyes. In the present institutes that provide students with learning makeup comes with the practice of eyelash extension. Institutes of the eyelash extensions training Seoul are helping the students to know about the methods and techniques of this process.

The technique followed in this makeup

This type of makeup is known as semi-permanent makeup Korea as for a period of time it will help you in designing your eyes. Eye makeup artists at the very first take the measurement of the eyelashes. According to that, they will extend the individual eyelashes. These eyelashes will be provided to your eyelashes with the help of glue. To get it dry all you have to do is to get in the way that has been directed by the eye designer.

This same thing followed in designing the eyes of men. It is quite a known fact that a person has to go out the next day to his office. To get the things done in the right way in the present dryers were used so that the eyelashes that were glued get settled in an even manner. The eyelashes that were extended have no weight, and therefore it will not make any problem to the eyes. Also in the present day eyelashes were reached according to the face of the person. This is how the neo eye designing process works.


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