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We cannot overlook the role of digestive enzymes in the body because without them the food we eat cannot be broken down into simpler form to aid in the processes of absorption for it to benefit the body. What most of us cannot let go of is the culture of cooked food because w believe that we need to cook food for it to be edible and that uncooked food is incomplete. However, the reality is that when you expose the digestive enzymes in your body to certain levels of heat, which primarily come from the cooked food, you are likely to deactivate them making it difficult for them to function and the subsequent occurrence is the difficulty in the digestion process. Enzymes that aid in digestion in the body are sensitive to heat and any level of health above 48 degrees Celsius destroys them adversely affecting the process of digestion all together. However, to ensure the efficient digestion of the foods we eat, we need to consider New Roots Plant Digestive Enzymes that ensure digestion takes place effectively, and that all the important nutrients are derived from the food you eat and are absorbed into the body.

New Roots Plant Digestive Enzymesstimulate the resupply of the body with plant- digestive enzymes that are natural in nature, hence a healthier option compared to artificial ones that could adversely compromise your health in the long run.Since most of us cook to kill germs, and make food tastier, we have the option of consuming a wide variety of raw, natural yet tasty and unprocessed foods to enjoy the benefits of unaltered nutrients, while at the same time allowing the supplement to take charge in releasing enzymes that digest sugars, minerals, carbohydrates, fibers and fats effectively. Canning and pasteurization is also not advisable for food because it deactivates the enzymes.


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