AOR Vision Support II For Eye Protection
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AOR Vision Support II is a composition of nutrients that help to prevent eyes from being damaged by Ultraviolet Rays from the sunlight and Blue light rays. AOR Vision Support II also help to curb loss of central vision that interferes with daily activities such as reading,writing,driving and cooking. The supplement has been widely used due to its beneficial advantage on our health

AOR Vision Support II

is a supplement that has been on the forefront helping people with blurred vision to regain their vision so that they can continue with their day to day activities effectively.AOR VisionSupport II is a supplement that has been clinically researched and proved to the best of its kind due to its effectiveness in maintaining eye health. AOR Vision Support II contain pigments such as zeaxanthin and lutein found in the eyes and their main function is to filter Ultraviolet light rays, Blue light and sugar of which these rays end up in impairing macula and lens in our eyes.AOR Vision Support II also contains Olive oil ingredients on which black soy bean hull are extracted from, to allow better optimal absorption. Families with history of blurred vision, people who spend most of their time working on the sun,office workers who uses computer regularly and are prone to computer vision blurredness, are recommended to use AOR Vision Support II.As recommended one should take two spoons of softgels daily accompanied with food.

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