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Prenatal care is nothing but living a healthy lifestyle when one is pregnant. This includes regular visits to the doctor, eating well, and several other things. Prenatal care is essential for the safety of the baby.

Some aspects of Prenatal care

  1. Eat and sleep well- A balanced diet is a must when you are pregnant. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink sufficient water. Remember that you need to eat for your child as well. Skipping any meal is a bad idea. You also need to sleep soundly at night.
  2. Kelp Extract- Kelp extract is one of the best products for infants and fetus. Expecting mothers should rely on kelp extract so that the baby in the womb gets the Natural Factors Fresh Kelp Extract benefits. It supports the development of nervous system and brain of the fetus.
  3. Have sex- Having sex during pregnancy is completely safe. If there is any problem, consult your doctor. Make sure that you have sex in positions that does not pressurize your stomach.

More things to know about Prenatal care

  1. Can you take vitamins- It is mandatory for all ladies who are pregnant to take folic acid (400 micrograms) on a daily basis. It is essential for the development of the baby’s spinal cord and brain. Natural Factors Whole Earth & Sea Women's Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral will give your body all the vital nutrients that you do not get from your meals. It will also fulfill your body’s requirement of folic acid.
  2. Exercises- Unless your doctor asks you not to exercise due to complications during pregnancy, all pregnant women should exercise every day. Those women who exercise when they are pregnant acknowledge that it eases discomfort and helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also makes labor as well as delivery comparatively easier. But, exercising does not mean rock climbing, skiing, playing football, or lifting heavy weights. You need to consult your doctor if exercising makes you feel dizzy or makes your stomach ache.
  3. Quit smoking and drinking- If you are a smoker, quit during your pregnancy for the sake of your baby. Drinking excessive alcohol can have disastrous consequences. Drinking excessive coffee is also a bad idea.
  4. Stay fit- If you frequently fall sick during your pregnancy, it is going to affect the immune system of the baby. So, try your best to stay healthy. Avoid cold or flu or allergies when the winter in full swing. There are several adrenal gland support supplements for reducing adrenal fatigue.

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