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The international arm of the Logistics Management Institute in Hyderabad deals with the exports, imports; transportation and movement of goods of Logistics Management Institute in Hyderabad and materials across borders, within the framework of the laws of International Logistics Management trade policy in International Logistics Management.

International logistics management requires intricate planning to co-ordinate with different agencies of Logistics Management Institute in Hyderabad and accurately executes complex customs procedures of Customs department of the host and importer's country. Logistics Management Institute in Hyderabad for trade across borders encompasses various activities and knowledge of Geo-Political, banking, Inco terms, payment systems, customs procedures, booking of cargo by Air Cargo Management Training, Sea and Rail.The Industry especially the export oriented units and companies have a huge requirement of Professional trained in the International logistics. Job roles like Manager, Exports Manager, and Documents Manager etc are required in the industry across industry in India and GCC Countries.

The professionals and students willing to take up the exciting Logistics Training Institute and enterprising skills of International logistics management Institute in Hyderabad needs to possess the competencies and skills needed to enter; Training Institute and certifications for Air Cargo Management with International Accreditation and course contents covering EXIM Procedures, Cargo Training, Air Cargo Training, Sea Cargo, Customs procedures with access to documentation needed in cargo clearance, booking of cargo such as Bill of lading, commercial invoice, shipping bill etc.

International Logistics Management programs comprehensively cover all the phases of Introduction to Brand GSA, International Freight Forwarders Outlook, and Terminologies with Explanation. International Logistics Management Institute includes International Trade Features- Geographical, Political and Commercial. Logistics Training Institute includes International Trading, Trading Terms, Trade Practice, Inco Terms, International Payment Terms (D.A.D.A.P.A.P.L.C.), Specimen Documents, Air Cargo Management, Freight-Hierarchy, Categories of Air Freight, Classification of Air Freight, Air Import Calculation, Air Import Operations, Air Import Application, Air Export Calculation, Air Export Consolidation, Air Export Operation, Sea Freight-Hierarchy, Classification of Sea Freight, Types of sea ports, Types of containers/Equipment's, Sea Export-Full Container Load, Less than/low Container Load, Sea Import-Operations, Customs-Indian Customs and Excise in Structure, Operation, Application and Document. This PG Diploma is designed for beginners and intermediate students or professionals who want to increase and enlarge their scope of expertise on the subject.

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