Social Media Platform Is A Must These Days
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Social Media Platform Is A Must These Days

With the advancement in science and technology, life at present has become more dependent on the gadgets. Smartphones are surely one of the major determinants of comfort these days. Be it for grocery shopping, booking tickets for cinema or to book a cab to go somewhere, a smartphone loaded with the relevant and necessary applications is a must. The most popular choice of application for any smartphone user is always social media platforms. A lion share of the day is spent on the social media sites these days surfing through the latest news and updates, the public reaction to any incident and communicating with friends and families. Though an acquaintance residing far away from the native place was considered to be almost out of touch earlier, with the advent of internet and technology, reaching out to the people you care about is only a matter of a couple of clicks. The video calling options almost make them live in front of our very eyes. Hence the experience a social media platform upholds is something that is sure to make your life easier and smoother. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the old players in this corner and the new addition to the list is Vero. Vero has already made a churn in the stagnant market with its updated facilities and features. Within a short length, this application is expected to come at par with the giants like Facebook and Instagram.

The foundation of Vero

Committed to providing one of the most authentic experiences to its users, Vero App was launched in the year 2015 by Ayman Hariri, Motaz Nabulsi and Scott Birnbaum. Though the company has been playing its part since last 4 years, the popularity quotient has just started to get added to its name. A much credible site, Vero by its name stands for truth. It comes free for the first one million users but the late joiners have to pay a small annual fee.

A Personalised Platform

Keeping up with its promise to deliver a lifetime experience to the users, Vero offers the facility to categorise between the contacts that a user has which no other social media platforms allow so far. You can easily keep your contacts separate in terms of close friends, friends, followers or Acquaintance on this platform. Posting movies, books and TV shows are simpler than ever on this platform.

All these are adding up to the reasons why people are increasingly opting for Vero.

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