Why Is Vero Better Than Instagram And Facebook?
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Why Is Vero Better Than Instagram And Facebook?

The social media platform is being ruled by the two social media giants which are Instagram and Facebook. They have the most number of users being compared to any other social media networks. Nobody can even dream of going ahead than these giants of social media. But, this whole concept has been proven wrong by the Lebanese billionaire and the son of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Ayman Hariri.

Even though Instagram and Facebook have all the necessary components for ruling the social media world but the only aspects that they are lacking is their privacy policy and their advertisement policy which exactly inspired the Lebanese billionaire to build the Vero App which is secured and is completely free of absurd advertisements.

Benefits of Vero App

Vero is not a new app in the app market. It has been launched in the year but hasn’t received much attention back then. But that didn’t stop the app from improving itself. Over the years, the apps grew itself from every aspect and are now one of the top trending apps in the app stores. One of the major benefits of this app is its algorithm policy. Instead of the conventional algorithm procedure that Instagram and Facebook used, Vero App tried out an all new algorithm which is the reverse-chronological algorithm. Moreover, unlike the other social media apps, the Vero App only asks for the address, phone number, name and the email id of the users and doesn’t share them with any third party.

Why did it gain success after so long?

The primary reasons for which Vero received lots of backslashes is because of its subscription policy. Unlike the other social media platform like Facebook and Instagram, Vero doesn't come for free. To use Vero, you need to pay a minimal amount of money which the other apps earn through advertisements. But Vero is completely free of advertisement.

But the app didn't need a subscription from its initial stage as Ayman Hariri waived off the subscription fee for its first million users. But since now the apps has reached its first million users, you need to subscribe. And if you don't want to make your private information public, then shifting to Vero is the best idea for you. Even though you need to pay an amount for using Vero, but the amount is for the security that you will get. 

For more details visit here: https://www.vero.co/

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