A Brief Knowledge About The New App In The Market
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A Brief Knowledge About The New App In The Market

People nowadays are addicted to social networking sites. The social networking sites have now become the mirror to the life. People post the glimpse of their life on social media to share with other people. Social media brings people close to each other. People get connected with long distance friend through social media. People post update about their life run the communication successfully. In order progress the communication further people like and comment on the pictures of other people. With the advancement of technology the social media network invented application for mobile. This was intended to make the social networking user friendly. The apps have easier features so that ordinary people can manage it.

Reasons behind the Popularity


Vero is a social networking site that enables people to connect with people. Vero was founded in the 2015. The Vero CEO is Ayman Hariri. Harari was never been a technology expert. The app he founded does not require technological expertise. The site has an easier algorithm. The app places the media content chronologically. Though the app has some minor glitches but it made a significant place among the coming of age social network users. People started calling it 'new Instagram'. 


Coming to the man behind the Vero is Ayman Hariri who is the Vero CEO. Hariri was born in Lebanon to a billionaire father. His father Rafik Hariri was the former prime minister of Lebanon. At first he was in a construction business. His construction company was behind building some renowned luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia. Apart from the hotels the construction company was involved in making renowned university and oil refinery. After the assassination of Rafik Hariri, Ayman Hariri started taking care of his father’s business with his brother.


After few years of taking care of his father’s business Ayman became the Vero CEO. He launched the social networking site. It is considered as one of his boldest step. The reason is that, while the other social networking sites are still pervasive in the market, he launched Vero to compete them.


In conclusion, it can be said that the application is running quite successfully. The application is user friendly. One needs no be technologically expert to use the application. The Vero is kind of application that is operated by common people. The aim of the social networking site is to bring people together and it is clearly evident that the networking site is running quite successfully.


For more details visit here: https://www.vero.co/

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