What Are The Significant Features Of Vero App?
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What Are The Significant Features Of Vero App?

The Social media plays an important role in our lives. We all are so lost in the social media that if any complication arrives we get irritated. The most annoying thing is the invasion of advertisements. The other important thing that troubles the users is the privacy issue. People put up the glimpse of their lives on social media. Therefore, if any problem occurs, the accounts of the users get vulnerable. Vero is a type of social media application that is a subscription based apps and devoid of advertisements.

The Vero app was launched in 2015. The founder is Ayman Hariri who is the Vero CEO. The Vero is a photo sharing application. Within three years of its launch the application made a significant place among the users. It has an easier algorithm. The algorithm enables the media content place in a chronological order. People are acknowledging the Vero by calling it the ‘New Instagram’. Within the three years of its launch the application is experiencing a significant number of sing ups.

About the Man Behind Vero

Vero CEO Ayman Hariri made the application attractive by putting an emotional caption that says ‘A false sense of connection lest us lonelier that ever’. The Vero app made sure to enhance the security in order to protect the privacy of the users. The application provided an offer of free subscription to the first millions of users. This marketing stance is the primary reason behind its rapid growing popularity. Application has some glitches but they can be easily avoided by the users. The application can be supported in all types of mobile phones.

The Vero CEO Ayman Hariri was not from a background of Silicon Valley. He was an heir to the millionaire father called Rafik Hariri. Rafik Hariri was the former prime minster of Lebanon and the owner of a construction firm. Being a non-technical person Ayman shifted his focus on building social media app. He made an application that is user friendly. The users need not to attain technical expertise.

Ayman Hariri was in the construction business with his brother. But his step to build his own empire is clearly a bold step. In order to keep the user’s privacy secured Vero does not share the information with third party. Vero only keep the track of the data that are essential for them. If they maintain these rule for a longer period the may surpass the existing social media application in near future.

For more details visit here: https://www.vero.co/

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