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Is Being A DJ A Good Career?

Yes! If it is well said that if you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, then stop wishing and just do it. In simple terms if it is your passion then it can be your profession too. There are hundreds of DJs who are making it big on the scene, as of now and so can you.

How did DJs come into existence?

The term disc jockey wasn’t coined by anyone until the 1930’S. But in the year 1935, an American radio commander Walter Winchell coined the term ‘Disc Jockey’’. The world’s first DJ party was thrown by radio DJ Jimmy Savile who played jazz records in the upstairs function room of the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds in Otley, England for a large number of guests in 1943.

What does a DJ do?

A job profile of disc jockey is turning, twisting and mixing music in a way that sounds pumping and the atmosphere gets lively so that the people start dancing on the beats and jump according to the music. Top DJ in Las Vegas use various complex equipment like mixers, graphic equalizers, turntables, and various other fancy music processors to give an amazing sound.

How one can become a DJ?

It’s pretty simple! A person who wants to be the best DJ needs to be well acquainted with music. His life needs to revolve around music or at least he/she needs full dedication and passion towards music. A person needs to be updated with all genres and artists of music and must know what’s trending and what’s turned into a music fad. A passionate should understand people’s music tastes at the same time he/she needs to understand what kind of music is required for a specific type of occasion or event to become the Best DJ in Las Vegas Nevada. Having the basic knowledge of how to use the equipment efficiently and help you at the start of the journey.

Eligibility Criteria

There are no eligibility criteria as such. Some places might ask for a graduation degree before appointment you as a DJ in club or bar or events but it’s majorly your skills and love for music and just the correct taste for music that works in the disc jockey industry. A degree in Mass communication might have become an advantage for you.


• DubSpot

• Garnish Music Production

• The Foxgrove

• Harry O Productions

• Sounds by Lio

• Scratch DJ Academy

You can take inspiration from famous DJs in the world. I personally know DJ from Las Vegas Nevada- Alexander Jokinsky who is a well-known personality for playing hit songs from different genre Pop, EDM, Hip-hop, Reggeaton, Latin Music and any song upon guest request! He has extensive experience working for private celeb parties as well as large venues of 1000 attendance and more. For More Information:

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