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It has become imperative for companies to have competent and effective Human Resources to meet  changing requirements  of their customers and meet their corporate goals. To cater to this need the companies has to hire, develop and maintain competent Human Resources.

 Human Resource department has a goal to meet short and long term requirements of different departments. These depertments pass on their complete requirement to Human Resource Department (HRD).

Based on the requirement from different functions in the organization the HRD prepares Human Resources Plan.

This Human Resource Plan has to meet short term Operation Plan requirement and long term Strategic Plan requirement. Second stage is Human Resources Development. Competency gap analysis is carried for all the acquired personnel.

Training is imparted to fill competency gaps.

The next function of HRD is compensation of the personnel as per the prevalent market rates as well as the expertise of the employee.

Finally the last stage of HRM is Performance Management. Based on the Operation Goals and Strategic Goals, the employees performance is monitored and measured and controlled. Based on the extent to which Key Performance Indicators are achieved the Controls are set so that Corporate Goals and Operational Goals are achieved.

The above stages are repetative and it is a continuous process.

Since the faculty has an experience of working in big corporations he can explain in detail each of the above processes. Many HR people are not aware of Operational Plans and Strategic Plans so the training will prepare them for applying for jobs in big Multi- National Corporations. Also important component of training is competency gap analysis which lets the HRD deliver capable manpower to different section of the corporation.

Performance Management and control is taught by covering setting of Objectives and Key Performance Indicators at functional level, middle level management, and top level management.

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