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Safety is nothing but relative freedom from risk, loss, damage, injury or fatal. In the industrial sector safety is a very precious and important aspect of an Industry or Factory, as an accident or injury free workplace environment will generate a positive morale among the employees working in hazardous situations. By recognizing all the facts as industries involving various hazards and risks, they prepare their own safety policy, safety manuals, safety procedures and safety management systems considering national laws. Industries/Factories have a separate department or section which deals specially with safety so as to create awareness and importance of Industrial safety.

By adherence to the important safety related information, rules, regulations and procedures will help to prevent
occupational accidents and injuries which result in loss and damage. A good health safety and environment in the industry will help to improve the working conditions for better health and safety for the employees and people who are involved. Industry’s management is responsible to provide a safe or acceptable level of working conditions
and individual safety. All undesired events or incidents at the workplace will have the potential to lead towards injury, fatal, loss, damage to property. such incidents are to be investigated professionally by experts or specialists in HSE, Management and process. All the hazards, sources identified during investigation are to be eliminated or replaced or risk to be reduced to an acceptable level.

These measures aren’t sufficient to care for safety. There are two more important aspects such as Health and Environment. Health Is nothing but the wellbeing of employees whereas the environment is also given equal importance and considerations. For instance, if the health of employees is not given due regards that will lead to loss of employees due to work related ill health. If Industry pollutes the environment in and around will again have the impact of the employees as well nearby locals.

Whenever an industry fails to comply with these of Safety, Health and Environment will immensely lead to accidents. When an accident occurs, the Industry will have the effects of loss such as direct cost and indirect cost.
As of in Direct cost losses to the employer/industry. compensation paid to the employees as medical expenses incurred on them. In indirect cost loss of injured personnel, Delay in productions, loss time for investigating, losing employee morale and others like effecting name and fame of the industry.

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