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Head Mounted Displays (HMD) You Must Check Out

Not so long ago, elders used to point out that we shouldn’t sit close to a Television or a computer screen, but well, it was difficult to explain them that sitting close would make you feel closer to the projected environment and the characters. Finally, technology comes to our rescue and we can actually be a part of the virtual environment we always wanted. We are in the world of VR. While we haven’t had enough of our smartphones, technology says, “Move on dude! I am here to latch devices onto your face and teleport you to another world.”

Woah! That sounds like something. So in our previous post, we took you for a ride in the past to when and how VR came in the world. Talking about the present, you must not undermine the craze for Virtual Reality in the market. It’s not just the biggies like Google or Samsung exploring the possibilities, but don’t be surprised to know that while McDonald’s have been testing out Happy Meal Boxes that double up as a VR headset in Sweden for some time, Coca-Cola has also been working on a recyclable cardboard package that turns into VR headsets.

The market is flooded with a torrent of devices helping us experience Virtual Reality in the comfort of our houses. So, without further ado, let’s go through some of the top VR systems to look for.

Samsung Gear VR

While anyone and everyone who loves technology is eagerly waiting to lay hands on the Oculus Rift VR, we still have a long wait ahead of us in India. The closest we can get is Samsung Gear VR. Powered by the technology from Oculus, the Samsung Gear VR was effectively the first VR headset on the market. The Gear VR is very much similar to its predecessor by Samsung just that it is a little smaller and lighter with better picture quality. Available online as well as at Samsung stores for approximately INR 8,200.


Another emerging player in the Indian VR market is the smartphone company Karbonn Mobiles, who recently launched two low-cost VR glasses-equipped smartphones. Both these VR sets are fitted with Bi-Convex lenses that elevate a video to provide a theatre-like experience. While the Karbonn Quattro L52 smartphone VR device is priced at INR 8,790, the other device Karbonn Mach Six seems to be a direct competitor of Samsung Gear VR priced at INR 7,490. Another interesting feature of these devices is that we can create our own VR videos using the pre-embedded VR app.

Procus VR

Apart from Samsung and Karbonn, another VR set which is gaining popularity in Indian markets is Procus VR which is said to be tightly packed as they want no interference with our VR experience. All the devices ranging from 4.5-inch to 6-inch display size are supported by this viewer. There is a feature where one can adjust the inter-pupillary distance to match facial shape. Moreover, it is said to offer a large field of view and modifiable screen to eye distance. The variable screen to eye distance makes the device usable by people who wear glasses. It is available online for approximately INR 2,500.


Another interesting VR device to look for is the SDO VR which sports a humongous 45mm lens and is touted as the most portable VR viewer in the market. Though the company claims one can fit it in a jeans pocket, we really doubt if anyone would be interested in doing so. Anyway, it seems pretty portable and is best suited for a screen size up to 5.5-inch. The SDO VR device comes out of high quality material and features fine lenses of 25mm diameter and 45mm focal length. One can look for it on online markets like Amazon at discounted rates though it was launched also at a friendly price of INR 1,899.

DOMO nHance VR4

This seemingly complicated headset comes with some really interesting features. The makers claim that the headset allows us to view the content in true 3D and explore the 3D virtual world with head tracking feature. The Google Cardboard application can be used with nHance VR4 by pairing it with HID (Human Interface Devices) such as Game Controllers, Keyboard, or Mouse. Another interesting part is that with an open back, we can use our camera for real-time 3D recording. It uses a pair of aspheric optical lens that can be removed and adjusted. It is available online on Amazon at a friendly price of approximately INR 800.

Google Cardboard

This tongue-in-cheek take on VR is the most popular and affordable option in the market. A VR headset literally made out of cardboard! This is all you need to make your weekend interesting. The company’s official website has even put up the instructions to help you make your own VR gear. But just in case you feel that holding a cardboard box in front of your eyes is a real pain (which I do feel), then don’t worry, the online market is there at your service.Just look online for VR headsets and you will find Google Cardboard inspired innumerous gears in both cardboard and plastic priced as low as INR 100.

While these were some of the VR devices gaining popularity in the Indian market, it is surprising to see the pace at which the international market is growing. According to the latest stats, 2.5 million virtual and augmented reality devices are expected to be sold this year, rising to over 24 million device sales in 2018. Seeing the figures, I am sure all of us want to be a part contributing to that 2.5 million.

So wait no more and lay your hands on a VR system suiting your budget and immerse yourself in a new world. Keep reading to know the best VR content which you can’t miss. And, for anything VR, we are there.

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