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Weird Yet Cool VR Inventions

Virtual Reality is definitely the next big thing and every other company is busy capitalising the forthcoming opportunity. In the last blog, we spoke about the Best Head Mounted Displays available in Indian market and they are surely giving competition to all the corporate biggies. But the industry did not stop at the thought of latching devices over our faces and teleporting us to a new space. VR world is booming, people are experimenting with out-of-the-box content and inventing the craziest of gadgets every single day. While some of these gadgets are uber cool, the others make us think if we are ever gonna try them, considering their “weird quotient”.

Even though they sound a bit weird, their specs are pretty amazing which made us bring them to you. So here we list down some of the weird sounding but interesting looking VR inventions which might hit the consumer market sometime soon.

Kat Walk

For every crazy gamer out there, Kat Walk is a dream come true. It is sort of a multi-directional treadmill which is being utilized for VR devices. Kat Walk is best for all the first person action games available in virtual reality because this amazing gadget will let you completely immerse in it while you are running, walking and jumping for real. There is also a light strap which would come around the waist to subtly remind you of the Kat Walk’s area so that you don’t exit that space. Doesn’t this sound like the coolest possible workout regime?

Every amazing product “inspires” many others, and one such inspiration is ‘The Virtualizer’. While Kat Walk comes from Japan, ‘The Virtualizer’ is European. The gadgets are very much similar, just that this one looks a little more constructive having a plastic band that wraps around your waist.


Well, let me know about one person who has never thought about flying high in the air. Couldn’t think of any, right? That’s what! It is one of those unattainable dreams, which everyone has thought about. And Birdly makes this dream a stark reality or better to say, stark virtual reality. This cool set-up takes your vertical body and puts you horizontal, arms spread like wings, fan blowing on your face and headset taking you on a soaring adventure. The breeze on your face, the reaction of the wind, the birds flying along, does it feel good? Surely it does. We are so eagerly waiting for this bird flight.


Since, workout while gaming is not everyone’s cup of tea, we aren’t gonna force you for that. But instead, we get you a nice cup of coffee. Okay! Lameness apologized. We are here talking about the ultimate swivel chair which responds to your movements when you are all immersed in your VR HMD. Like obviously, you wouldn’t want a simple chair ruining the ultimate virtual experience for you.

The Manus

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the option of feeling the things around you in a game like the ultimate way to interact with your surroundings? And the Manus VR gloves are here to make this possible too. These are a pair of gaming gloves which detects and then displays your hands in the virtual world. The Manus VR glove tracks hand movement, using a combination of high-tech sensors inside the glove. Above that, the makers claim that with these gloves, you can use your hands just as intuitively and seamlessly in the virtual world as you would in real life.

Tesla Suit

Did we earlier say ultimate way to interact with surroundings? Well, not until you read about the Tesla suit. The last one on our list has to be this amazing piece of technology. Tesla suit allows users to interact with the virtual environment, while actually “feeling” it. It enables you to feel virtual reality, whether it’s a punch from your opponent from a VR fighting game, or walking within a virtual environment and feeling the active moment. The suit is designed and built with a full array of haptic feedback sensors. This is just a part of what Tesla suit is about, there is so much more to it if we get into the details.

So, these are just some of the crazy gadgets churning out from the VR world, but frankly, there is a lot of it to fit in one list. But for now, all we hope is that these zaniest ones are available to the general public very soon. And, in case you get to lay your hands on any of these or other cool VR gadgets, do share your experience.

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