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Five Whacky Things To Do In VR

Sky is definitely the limit when it comes to virtual reality. But, apart from going to picturesque locations and playing some intensively immersive games, have you ever thought of what else can be done with this amazing technology? Well, the answer is, ‘A lot more’! So, here we are with a list of 5 whackiest things which you can do in VR.

Marry in VR

After hearing about the likes of skydiving weddings, underwater weddings and themed weddings, we have reached the stage where we are now ready to witness a Virtual Reality wedding. Yes, you read it right! To turn one of the biggest technological thought into reality, a British couple is all set to marry in Virtual Reality. Come this May, Martin Shervington and Elisa Evans will wed physically in a Cardiff bar, but their minds will be transported somewhere else, thanks to VR. The couple will get together with friends and family at a quirky florist that doubles up as a bar; they will then don their HMDs, and join the remainder of their guests scattered all around the globe for the world’s first official VR wedding ceremony of its kind. The guests will not only be able to share the live event through VR but also continue to revisit it afterward as the ceremony will actually be filmed in VR by AltspaceVR. The couple will be present in VR as the standard “off-the-shelf” avatar but with another level of psychological connection. Talking about which, Shervington says, “You know, I quite like the idea of not being a humanoid. She’s a pink and white robot and I’m a blue one. It was different meeting her in VR to what I expected. I looked at her, with those big eyes, the way the head moves, and the lights go on and off as she speaks, and it’s cute! And it’s because she’s behind there. I love her, so why wouldn’t I love the representation of her?”

Perhaps now we can think of taking the honeymoon to next level!

Eat in VR

What if someone told you that you can binge eat now, that too without gaining any weight? Seems impossible? It isn’t anymore! There has always been a joke around if the technology is as advanced to help us eat without gaining weight. Well, virtual reality is here to solve that problem also. Project Nourished has perfected its futuristic dining that whisks users away to another world where they can smell and ‘taste’ forbidden food – without actually consuming it. Users will strap on a virtual reality headset through which they will be transported to another location where they will be indulging in their meal. A bone conduction transducer is strapped around the neck, which mimics chewing. The chomping sensation is sent from the wearer’s mouth to ear drums using their soft tissue and bones as its vessel. Once transported to the virtual world, the aromatic diffuser dissipates the smells of various foods using ultrasonic and heat. After you have got the sense of what is cooking, there is a gyroscopic utensil with sensors that tracks your movements to be translated into the virtual world. There is also a glass with built-in sensors: a vessel for beverage and creating simulated intoxication. Included in the dining package is a small cube of 3D printed food, which serves as a vehicle for articulating taste, texture and consistency. An interesting fact about the concept is that however futuristic it may sound, it has been inspired by a scene of the 1991 American film Hook, in which Peter Pan learns to use his imagination to see food on a table that appears empty at first.

Work in VR

For anyone who has had a bad day at work, there is Job Simulator to brighten up their workspace, at least virtually. The name itself sounds like a joke and the game is funny, no doubt about that. As you slide on the headset and step into the virtual world, you’ll have a choice between four jobs. You can be an office worker, a gourmet chef, a store clerk or an auto mechanic. In each of the jobs, you stand in a 3D space and complete tasks. Maybe you check your email, make a sandwich, fix a car or use a strange machine to make jumbo hot dogs. Like, jumbo hot dogs. The objects behave like they should. You can grab a grape juice bottle, pop the cork and drink its contents. You can shake a soda bottle so much it explodes and flies around the room. If you see it, most of the time you can do it, and that adds not only to the immersion but the comedy as well. The jobs are not at all, but it is about taking remedial tasks, giving players ridiculous tools and letting them goof off. For example- the recycling bin with a backboard that spurts out confetti whenever you make a shot. It is a cathartic experience that is highly recommended, at least virtually.

Freefall in VR

What is that moment like just before you pull the ripcord? The end of your free fall, your dangerous exploration of unthinkable altitude? Well, to know you can just look for a sky-diving package or go the route of a really good simulator. The world of skydiving simulation is also being explored by the virtual reality technology now. For the experience, users are strapped into a harness and leg loops, then given the hand loops for their parachute. Next, comes an HMD and you’re ready. The usual VR experience starts on a plane and as the hatch opens up, you’re pulled up into the air in the real world, so you are horizontal in the harness after you “jump”. As you open up your parachute you become more or less vertical again but you’re still floating in the real world. In some of the experiences, you will also find some circles to help navigate you to a safe landing spot, in any other case you can just keep flying over some beautiful landscapes.

Be a magician in VR

Well, I personally don’t know of anybody who hasn’t imagined what it is like to be Harry Potter! And to help us fulfil our dream of being a magician, VR is here again at the rescue. Games like Waltz of the Wizard are exactly what we have been looking for. You play a Wizard at home in his tower. Here you’re able to concoct potions, discover and cast spells to alter yourself or the world around you, and explore and interact with both your tower and…other dimensions! The game puts players in the shoes of a wizard who gathers magical spheres and dumps them into a big cauldron to obtain special powers. Like for instance, after placing a sphere into the cauldron, you could shoot bolts of lightning from your hands by flicking the motion controller. While the experience is clearly in need of a storyline, you can’t help but marvel at your newfound ability to master the arcane, something VR fans have been craving since really long.

These were just a few of the offbeat things to do in VR, but as we say the technology is emerging with every passing day; so there is a lot more coming our way. Stay tuned with us to know more about such fantastic things that VR has to offer because we are, where VR is!

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