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VR Rushes To Help The Elderly

There is no doubt that the virtual reality has driven the today’s young generation crazy. From architecture to now in the theaters near you, it is everywhere. Popping the headsets and entering your favorite world of games has now become the best pass time. But have you ever imagined that VR can be helpful to senior citizens too? Well, the answer is a big yes!

Senior citizens generally tagged as the people of age group above 65 years are now making use of VR as their partner and considering headsets and smartphones as their new friends.

VR for relaxation

103 yrs old Virginia Anderlini is the first ironically “young” client of Dr. Sonya Kim’s virtual reality program for the elderly. In reality, Virginia is sitting on the sofa in her home in San Francisco, but after popping up the headsets, she entered a virtual world which was a Hawaiian beach, the sky lit up in colors experiencing the sunset, rainbow specks dancing on the waves, glittering sands and much more.

As this takes the user in a completely different world, it can help to relax them from their rather boring world. People of this age group cannot step out of the house much which leads to anxiety and pain. VR might provide an escape from this and take them into an immersive different world and make them happy.

VR for exercising

While we cannot expect senior citizens to ride bicycles and workout in the gym for hours, brain exercise is the only exercise they need. A university in Denmark conducted a program for the senior citizens where they were given a digital experience of exercising. They were asked to pedal on exercise bikes and the output was displayed on the large TV screens placed in front of them. As they pedal along they get to see a visual treat of beautiful landscapes and the speed is determined with the bikes attached to the screens.

The university later studied the results and was thrilled to see them. The speed levels of the participants experienced a gradual increase and are now asking them for the technology as a permanent fixture.

VR for social connections

Elderly people often face the problem of loneliness due to dying of partners, they often enter into a stage of mental stress and dilemma. Stepping out and making new friends is not possible even. Here is when VR comes to their rescue. VR offers the users to connect to friends via social media where they can interact with new people and set out on adventures. With these, they can introduce themselves in a network society easily and overcome their age barriers.

Senior citizens are said to be like children, technologies and gadgets are trying their best to overcome their issues but nothing can replace human interaction. VR is a great alternative for those seniors who cannot go out and communicate with the outside world.

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