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Wordpress Was It Worth It, Free Is Not Always Good?

I have been doing internet marketing for many years, mainly as a amazon affiliate, when I found out about wordpress I thought my prayers was answered.

I have used many azon products ie Azonauthority, WP Zon Builder etc paid out hundreds of pounds for these azon plugins only to find that they are very buggy?, suffering from plugin conflicts.

My current sites are doing great my sales are going up every day, my advice to 1st timers is stay focused there is a light at the end of the tunnel? Get a product submission plugin/software or use FSB hit the social networks, build a Facebook page or Facebook shop upload your products, the more likes you get, the more people see your products, the more visitors will come, just do not give up, it a test of time?

My main gripe about Wordpress is the overall burden on the server, Wordpress is not very stable, cron over-run, plugin conflicts are a nightmare, hackers are always trying to get in and replace your affiliate code with theres, bot invasion is another major problem that caused me to lose many shared hosting accounts (you can control bots using your .htaccess file). After getting my hosting account suspended for over using resources in a shared enviroment, which means you got to move site to a new hosts (Thats a major major headache?)

Now I have my own VPS server costs me around £60 per month, its great because I am in control?

Fresh Store Builder is truly a breath of fresh air for us internet marketers, its a amazing piece of kit, because its not top heavy like wordpress its less a burden on resources, no plugins, no conflicts, no memory issues, no wordpress crap? FSB a great CMS (Content Management System) software. 

Currently I am converting my sites from wordpress to FSB what a breeze, once you done the videos a few times, contacted the help desk about any problems you may have, you are off.

I just love the FSB interface, the support, the learning, premium membership. I would of paid much much more for FSB, a bonus also is that I am a affiliate for FSB earning 20% commission, you only need to place a banner on each of your sites, as below

Fresh Store Builder - The Most Advanced Amazon Affiliate Software

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