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Finding A Placenta Encapsulation Specialist That You Trust

If you have been researching the benefits of placenta encapsulation, you already know that it has many ingredients that help healing after birth. With placenta encapsulation services you can turn your placenta into pills that are easy to consume and offer you many great benefits. However, you want to find a placenta encapsulation specialist that offers safe and professional services.

Some of the placenta encapsulation benefits include such ingredients as prolactin, which promotes lactation, oxytocin for pain and bonding, a thyroid stimulation hormone and cortisone to combat stress. There are many other ingredients and many mothers who take placenta capsules find that it helps to recover from the infamous “baby blues.”

If you are looking for a placenta encapsulation specialist you want someone who you trust. You also want a specialist that is Blood Borne Pathogen Certified and follows all of the guidelines set forth by OSHA. Your placenta should be treated with the respect it deserves and handled properly to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

One of the leading placenta encapsulation specialists in Arizona is Heaven Sent Encapsulation Services. Owner Amanda Jaramillo is fully certified and has extensive experience in handling placenta. During the process Amanda slices and dries the placenta out using a dehydrator. The placenta is then ground up and placed into capsules.

In addition to providing placenta capsules, Heaven Sent aslo provides herbal power capsules which add an extra boost to your capsules. You might also opt for placenta chocolates in which your powdered placenta is made into heart shaped chocolates or a placenta salve which can be used to help restore your skin.

Placenta capsules have many great long lasting benefits and through Heaven Sent Placenta Encapsulation Services you can enjoy these great benefits. You can arrange to have your placenta picked up from the place of your delivery or you can have someone drop off your placenta at Amanda’s home. Following pickup you will receive your capsules within several days.

Amanda guarantees fast, professional and friendly service. In fact, she has exceeded many of her client’s expectations. It is important that you work with a specialist who you trust with your placenta. At Heaven Sent, Amanda will answer all of your questions and make the process simple for you.

If you are interested in learning more about placenta encapsulation services or their benefits, visit Heaven Sent’s website today at or call 480-233-4404.


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