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The Drawbacks Of Stuttering And Why Treatment Is Important

Stuttering is one of the many speech disorders characterized by interruptions to speech, like hesitating, prolonging sounds, or repeating words and sounds. Scientists haven’t yet been able to point out the underlying cause of the disorder, but many believe it to be hereditary and a result of stroke, brain injury or trauma.

Drawbacks of Stuttering

· Not being able to communicate and socialize properly

· Difficulty in reading and writing

· Difficulty in understanding and interpreting information

· Getting ridiculed, especially as a child, which can adversely impact one’s confidence and self-esteem

· Being discriminated against people with no speech problems

To help overcome these problems, stuttering should be analyzed by a professional speech and language pathologist, an expert who is experienced and trained in testing and treating individuals with speech, language, and voice disorders. These pathologists take into account a number of factors, such as the individual’s case history, a thorough examination of the stuttering behaviors, and an assessment of the person’s language and speech capabilities and the effects of the stuttering on their life.

When assessing an individual for stuttering problems, a speech-language pathologist tries to decide if the person is likely to endure with their stuttering behavior or grow out of it in the near future. Factors, such as the family’s stuttering history, whether the person’s stuttering problem lasted for 7 months or more, and whether he shows signs of other language or speech problems.

Even though there is no absolute remedy for stuttering, there are a number of treatment options available. The treatment’s nature will vary from one person to another, based on their communication goals, age, and other various reasons. If you or your kid happens to stutters, it is crucial to seek professional help from a pathologist as soon as possible in order to get started with the appropriate treatment methods.

Speech Therapy for Children

Young children can especially benefit from early treatment, as it will help prevent any developmental stuttering from turning into a lifetime problem. Different strategies can assist children in improving their fluency in speech and at the same time develop a positive approach towards communication. Health specialists usually recommend that a kid be properly assessed to take a close look at the stuttering patterns. Treatment usually teaches parents about the different ways to encourage their child’s progress of fluent speech.

Importance of Stuttering Treatment

The goal of speech therapy is to help both children and adults become more clear and confident when communicating. Being confident communicators ultimately means:

· Becoming fully engaged in school or office and benefit from the whole experience

· Developing independence and self-help skills for daily life activities

· Partaking in social experiences and life in general

· Building healthy friendships and relationships

The ability to clearly communicate is directly related with the ability to achieve success. It is therefore important that individuals with stuttering problems should consult a speech and language pathologist who will help draft an appropriate treatment plan and employ different strategies to overcome their patient’s speech problems.

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