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Delight Any Property With Great Pleasure

Jerry and Debbie know that photos are a major part of a success like this one. According to Jerry, “The photos got the buyers out of the house and to this listing for a showing, and that’s the most important thing.” That’s why they consistently use premium HDR photos on every listing. They treat every property like they treat their luxury listings and it pays off. Jerry says, “The HDR photography shows the property in its best light”, and that makes it an easy decision.

We all understand the concept of doing things right the first time, but in Bungalow Design that philosophy couldn’t be truer. Being a real estate agent means getting things done quickly, and getting them done right. There’s no reason to delay the process. If process of making is delay then their development process going to so slow which is not good for the good image of value.

On this house, the photography really highlighted the expansiveness of the main living area and the golf course views out the windows. Jerry really appreciates working with Matt as well. He’s worked with him enough times that Matt knows how he thinks and continues to deliver a great service, highlighting the important features of every property.

Another thing Jerry and Debbie love about the service they get with Mediamax is the consistency in a great final product and the flexibility to keep up with the fast-paced world of real estate. Jerry says, “I’ve never been denied a shoot date I’ve requested with Mediamax. My sellers need the date they need.” Jerry is able to count on the fact that a photographer will be available when he needs one.

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