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What Recruiters Want From Candidates?? But Wont Tell You


When recruiters post a job about the job vacancies, they receive various resumes once they post their jobs. Once they analyze the resume, they schedule for the interview call. What exactly they expect from candidates in interview??


Many of the candidates wonder why I am not selected even my interview was up to the mark?? Here are the reasons as what an interviewer expects from you in interview but wont tell you


Following are the tips which will help you out to get a job doing the job search


1- Timing is Everything


Timing is like ‘Early bird gets the worm’. Recruiters while you are doing the job search or when you apply for job will test your interest as well as communication skill so respond quickly as possible. They don’t like people who aren’t on time, so if you are late then its your first bad impression.


2- Don’t have pushy behavior


Don’t be in a hurry!! Never ever call or email everyday to recruiters for follow ups. Recruiters will contact you when they have latest jobs for you and will help you out with the job search. If you want to get updated then create your own free job alert. There are many candidates who create a free job alert to get updated with latest jobs. So rather than calls or mails create your free job alert and get updated with latest jobs posted on job portal website.


3- Your handshake and verbal communication skill


No matter how the recruiter seems to be, always be professional. Too hard, too soft, too sweaty – it’s most likely a recruiter’s first interaction with you, and if its awful, they’ll remember.


4-They opt for candidates who demonstrate dedication for the role


Recruiters want to know that you want their job, not just a job. Tie something specific about the role to your personal interests and goals.


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