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By Polyclinic Rehabilitation Institute

When most people think of getting a massage, they probably imagine lying on top of a bed in a softly lit room with essential oils rubbed all over their bodies, while listening to new age music. Certain types of massage allow your body to relax and unwind after weeks of immersing yourself into stressful environments. Along with promoting relaxation, American Massage Therapy Association points out several other proven benefits of getting a clinical massage.

Massage is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety:

Some experts believe that 70 to 90 percent of illnesses have their roots in stress and anxiety. By receiving a regular weekly massage session, you are proactively taking care of your body. By proactively taking care of your body, you are ensuring that the levels of stress you experience in your body do not pile up week after week, eventually emerging in an illness, such as chronic neck and back pain. By reducing your levels of anxiety, you fill your body with a sense of empowerment and confidence that allows you to tackle your daily activities with ease.

Massage is a great solution to pain relief:

Many hospitals and clinics currently offer massage to alleviate perception of pain and anxiety in cancer patients. Massage has also been shown to provide relief for people with arthritis. That is accomplished by relaxing the muscles that surround the joint tissue, which allows for greater joint flexibility. People with Fibromyalgia also experience great pain relieve through clinical massage.

Massage helps with digestion

When the body is massaged in the right area around the neck, it stimulates the Vagus Nerve. Vagus nerve supplies the digestive track of the body. When properly stimulated, vagus nerve improves salivation, which allows for better absorption and digestion of the food particles. It also improves food motility through the digestive track and relieves symptoms of constipation by allowing proper evacuation.

Massage improves circulation and boosts your immunity

When pressure is applied on top of your skin in a specific direction, it moves the fluid located in the arteries and lymph nodes directly under that batch of skin. This creates a temporary vacuum in those arteries and lymph nodes, which are quickly filled with either blood or lymphatic fluids from other adjacent areas of your body. This, in turn, prevents stagnation, which is one of the roots of disease. Properly stimulated lymph nodes boost the immune response of your body. This allows you to tackle flus, colds and other ailments a lot more efficiently and also acts as a preventative measure by not allowing the pathogens to take stronghold in your body in the first place.


If you are experiencing pain, issues with digestion, poor circulation, weak immunity, muscle fatigue, feeling stressed out, feeling anxiety, please contact one of our massage specialists at Polyclinic Rehabilitation Institute. We are happy to help your body get better and get back on track.


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