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By Polyclinic Rehabilitation Institute

Using water for treating various medical conditions is as ancient as the mankind. Water can be applied in various forms, such as steam, liquid form and ice in order to achieve specific therapeutic effects. Various temperatures of those various forms of water are used to achieve even a more focused therapeutic effect. Aqua-therapy is a very interesting form of a modality that does not necessarily use drugs in order to accomplish various degrees of needed therapy without side effects.

For centuries, Aqua-therapy has been used in countries like China, Russia, India, Korea and Egypt by its inhabitants. In Russia, for instance, great health and very resilient immune systems were achieved by many individuals, who used Aqua-therapy in specific ways that varied between altering hot and cold aquatic environments.

It has been shown through various experiments that superficial application of cold water therapy can accomplish a decrease in local swelling, reduce muscle spasms, and increase local anesthetic effects, which can temporarily numb a patch of your body from experiencing pain. Patients with heart conditions, such as some types of chronic heart failure, as well as people with some types of chronic high blood pressure can also greatly benefit from controlled cool Aqua-therapy sessions. The application of colder water causes expansion of local blood vessels. This in turn, allows the blood to flow easier, and reduces the blood pressure. When cold aquatic environments are followed by immersion into warmer aquatic environments, this improves and strengthens heart function.

Altering temperatures with water immersion also speeds up your metabolism and serves as a great foundation to a natural method of moderate weight loss that does not involve any gimmicks, powders or supplements. It also helps strengthen the quality and resilience of your skin. Many people, who lost weight, find that specific Aqua-therapies reduce stretch marks that occur after giving birth or a severe weight loss.

Warm-to-Hot water immersion, on the other hand, has been scientifically proven to increase various blood components that assist our immune systems, such as activated thromboplastins, and granulocytes.

It is important to note, that most medical conditions require medical supervision in a controlled and timed environment, in order for the Aqua-therapy to be safe and effective. When administered on your own, it can be very unsafe and even fatal, especially for people with heart conditions.

At PRI clinic, we have dedicated specialists, who offer supervised Aqua-therapy sessions for your specific medical needs.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, please contact one of our Aqua-therapy specialists at PRI clinic. We are happy to help your body get better and get back on track.



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