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Tips To Creatively Capture A Wedding Ceremony

Planning a wedding takes months, and couples probably make many decisions before saying “I do.” On the big day, there are special moments they will experience that will remain in their hearts for the rest of their lives.  That is why it is important for them to seek the help of a professional San Diego wedding photographer to documents every detail.

As a wedding photographer, your job is to get candid shots that will impress the couples, and the tips highlighted on this guide should be a starting point.

Pay Attention To The Key Players

Before the start of any ceremony, you should have already figured out who the key players are – best man, maid of honor, siblings, grandparents and so forth. Apart from capturing photos of the couples, you have to shoot each of these people during the ceremony. This is because they will show emotion at some point, and that is when you get that golden shot.

Taking pictures of parents from the side of the aisle creates stunning shots, but you have to plan how you are going to move before the ceremony starts.

Capture The Firsts

Although every photo has a lasting memory, you have to ask the couples whether there are any special moments that they want captured. It could be a first look, first dance or first kiss. You have to pay close attention to these details as they happen fast. It is best to plan the time for these moments and capture them in the right order so that you can get exceptional shots. Put your camera in high shutter speed and take multiple shots. This way, you have the choice of selecting the best from the different photos.

Shoot Through Stuff

One of the ways to get creative with your wedding ceremony photography is shooting through objects at the ceremony site. Taking shots through stuff can be a little tricky, but by taking different shots, you should find some that are perfect. The angle used to shoot the photos also matters, and you should try to get as creative as possible.

One of the ways is to focus your lens on the same level as the guest. Try to shoot from their perspective, looking and taking clear shots through the gaps between the guests. This is a technique that most top wedding photographers in San Diego use in their photo shoot as it captures the experience and ties the guests with the couple.

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